Innovation | Urban Ecology ( Scheme 1982 )

A frontier Mega City centers system and Mega structure urban network, preliminary proposed concept plan and development.

Supreme advanced technological Entrepreneurship
Urban Center facilities premises structural development, population module for 20.000,
Scheme was initiated in 1980, intended for 1984 Olympic Games in California Los Angeles, situated over the basin of “Sepulveda dam “ during SCI-ARC (Southern California Institute of Architecture) design studio urban planning.

Concept was significantly revision and elevated since regarding progressive technical methods, design Production and Marketing
Divine Goals
A fundamental 3D GLOBAL urban network Self-sufficient environment
Massive structural system, development rapidly provision and coexisting within any environment, Preserve revive nature and efficiently utilize nature course and ecology resources.
Resolving ecology economy and gradually transforming for future.
Ecological and economy improves by means of nature preservation process.
Resolving upcoming ecological crises, conserves and utilized more efficient natural resources and gradually replacing the existing contemporary urban construction which stretches from their centers towards the horizon, which wrapping up nature and natural ecology under concrete surface.

Unique and futuristic Environment control and living habits
Comfortable and Easy adaptation capabilities, most advanced wide range technology composite,
Provided all personal living needs, cultural aspects, occupation and community services, need not commute elsewhere.
Unique structural frame system and development method
An ultimate spherical structure network of Mega Cities centers interlocking systematically, Mass production and assemble process provision of single unit and structure elements, flexible expandable transferable.
State of the art most advanced Solar systems and Photo Voltaic structure skin wrapping and alternative energy resources development.
Top and lower basins for rain collect and recycle.
New transportation system methods provision for rapid commerce and servicing the daily routine activity within the interlocking centers.
Inclining express and regular elevators, moving walkways, Rapid vacuum tube transportation  connecting urban network interlocking,
Airport and parking structure facilities for gradual transition.
Planning development and Functionalities implemented by the USA planning and urban codex.
Premises and facilities groups wrap up buffered efficiently and interlocking,
Luxurious large residential zone offers 3360 units, 36% inclined on 45” slope structure thus provided with terraces housings, each group of 20 levels situated on separate main platforms and faces the opposite side.

The Olympic city module provides for Major sports variety facilities and Stadium that converts for water sport, and located on top platform providing magnificent view.
Culture and education premises in circular layout providing view over the basin, As well as Community Center public and health services,
Office shopping and commercial center oriented south and are used as hot climate buffer as well as industrial Agriculture area.
Entertain hotel leisure facilities and Creativity Serene And scene area, locate from middle to top platform adjacent to airport facilities on top.
Good and Bad news: “All out of the blue”
“Green” notion, good for business, still it brings up awareness and consciousness of transformation needs, however doing wrong is widening the current course damages.
Farther knowledge, essential for understanding, as well as big budget and urgent steps required to bring upon a true correction and results,
A broader, up to date overview and extensive selection with technical documents may be pertinent to public, might be provided upon detailed request.
Bear in mind the lacking of 3D computer graphic technique existence at that time.
Photos and Physical Architecture models required technical and sculpturing skills and were expensive, as well handmade and drawings documents graphic production.
i.e. Floor plan Sections Diagrams and Perspective or Axonometric “modeling”


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